e-Shikshana, an A-VIEW Platform

Multi-modal, multi-platform, collaborative e-learning solution which allows a course experts to teach or interact with a large number of learners transcending geographies on a real-time basis through live audio video streaming and synchronized content sharing.

  • To launch A-VIEW, Double click on the A-VIEW Icon from the desktop. Enter into the classroom using login credentials provided by VTU e-Learning Centre, Mysuru and by selecting Server as National Server.

  • A-VIEW Icons

    A-VIEW icons are a pictogram displayed on the A-VIEW screen in order to help user navigate A-VIEW Classroom.

  • A-VIEW Pre-testing

    Helps you to setup the camera, microphone and speakers properly.

  • A-VIEW Interactions

    Chat – Interaction among students

    PTT (Push To Talk) - Allows the students to talk to the course experts

    Video wall – Meeting setup with maximum 8 affiliated colleegs for interaction

  • Document Sharing

    Helps to share documents, animated presentations, text files etc., among students. It has enhanced features like thumbnail view, annotation tools, document upload and download and central repository.

  • Whiteboard

    A-VIEW whiteboard is similar to a blackboard in the traditional classroom. Whiteboard provides all the functionalities that a course expert needs while taking lecture for a class. Moderator’s whiteboard is shared by all students. Hide/unhide, text tool and erasers are some of the features of whiteboard.

  • 2D, 3D and Video sharing

    2D Viewer - A module where 2D animation video (SWF) can be uploaded for real time interaction.

    3D Viewer - A platform where a Presenter can upload/load 3D objects to teach complex concepts.

    Video sharing – Sharing a video or YouTube link among users.

  • Desktop and Application sharing

    Sharing of moderator’s desktop or application among users.

  • Equipments needed to run A-VIEW

    Hardware components and other software resources needed to run A-VIEW efficiently are explained briefly in the following video tutorial.

  • Record and Playback

    Library view under A-VIEW classroom provides a list of previously recorded e-lectures/ live classes. All the recorded lectures are automatically archived into the Library for future reference.

  • Quiz and Poll

    To conduct quizzes and polls during live class. Users can also post questions and get answers. Students can vote for the question raised by other users.

  • Break Session

    Moderator/Presenter can send out an alert message regarding the session break to all logged in users.

  • Quick Note

    Take notes during the live class using QuickNote feature.