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VTU e-Learning Centre

The e-Learning Centre was set up in August 2003 at Mysore keeping with the demands of a fast-changing scene, the e-Learning Centre has accorded due role to industry in developing e-Learning content and research activity.VTU E-Learning Centre has diversified with its full fledged activities like EDUSAT based live transmission, Web based e-learning, E-Vidya Meadia Streaming Solutions, Courses with 3D Animations, SCORM Content, Innovative Workshops for VTU Research Scholars, Faculty Development Programmes,  NMEICT NPTEL Project and other technology enhanced learning initiatives for the benefit of VTU Students Community and Facult Members, etc,.

The main objectives of the Centre are :

  • Create EDUSAT satellite-based distance education facility using Ku-band Multimedia Based Data Dissemination System (MBDDS)
  • Create web-based e-learning facility 
  • Collect, process and disseminate content developed by the faculty drawn from both academia and industry
  • Provide interaction/guidance/feedback tools to learners and act as a facilitator between the experts and the students
  • Supplement the conventional system of training and education and bring uniformity in technical education
  • Explore the possibility of using the EDUSAT network for administrative purposes and other activities of the VTU 
  • Evaluate the improvement in quality of education due to MBDDS


e-Learning Studio

The VTU Studio is being used to broadcast live lectures of eminent Subject Matter Experts (SME) from both academia and industry. The VTU Studio has various facilities like cameras, video encoders, video streaming server, satellite modem, digital tablet with electronic annotation facility, DVD player, DVD recorder, interaction moderation systems which assist the SME in delivering good quality lectures. A 6.3-meter Ku-Band earth station has been setup to uplink the signals from the Studio