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August 14, 2014 12:52 PM
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Lecture Notes

Theory and Design of Automotive Engines - AU51

e-Notes Topic Subject Matter Experts
Introduction to Theory and Design of Automotive Engines



Prof. B Dinesh Prabhu, PESCE, Mandya

Four Stroke Cycles Engine
Cylinder Block
Firing Order
Flywheel & Camshaft
Valve and Valve Mechanisam
Connecting rod
prof. H K Govindraj, SJMIT, Chittradurga
Crank case and Manifolds
Crank Shaft
Prof. K G Kodancha, BVBCET, hubli
Animated Engines Two Stroke Cycle





Additional Resources

Animated Engines, Otto Four Stroke
Demo on Four Cylinder
Demo on Six Cylinder
Demo on Piston Deltic
Demo on Piston Inline
Demo on Single Piston
Demo on Piston_Std
Demo on Piston_V8