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VTUELC >> Courses with 3D Animations

VTU E-Learning Centre took up an innovative project on 3D Solid Compression were 3DSoC is technology spin-out from Stanford University and Indian Institute of Science. Its patented format called Virtual Interactive Solid (VIS), for 3D representation, is typically 100 times smaller than many other 3D formats. In addition to the geometric data, it is possible to specify textures, sound, animation and interactive behaviors in a VIS model. This opens up immense possibilities in the 3D Visualization space for dissemination of lightweight and interactive 3D content over the internet or even wireless networks

3DSoC’s VIS technology can be used for the development of interactive 3D capsules for e-Learning. A typical capsule is intended to complement a two-hour lecture. If a course has about 40 to 50 hours of lecture, it might have 10 or 12 models which need to be illustrated or better explained using 3D models, for Internal Combustion Engine could be one self contained capsule


The 3D capsule will be developed using 3DSoC’s authoring platform called ‘VISDom’ and can be viewed using ‘VISPlayer’. VISPlayer has both desktop and mobile version, enabling students to view the content on phones too.

It will comprise of the following content:

  • Are very lightweight (typically in the order of just a few kilobytes, sometimes even Smaller than even comparable images)
  • Could be viewed from the web browser
  • Could be transmitted over the network
  • Could have audio tags, making them language independent
  • Could be maintained and upgraded in a central location as and when the syllabus
  • Undergoes any modifications. Importantly, it paves the way for an on-demand distance e-Learning environment.

For VTU’s e-Learning centre, 3DSoC’s patented and unique technology will prove to be a powerful mechanism for disseminating course content over the internet. We have developed the following 3 courses have good volume of 3D Animation possibilities from Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering disciplines.

  1. Transformers and Induction Machines
  2. D.C. Machines and Synchronous Machines
  3. Kinematics of Machines

The Complete course materials are available at